Danny Zavaleta studied Fine Arts and specialized in Graphic Design a medium that motivates him to research different ways and styles of representation, some imported and others exported and how these develop as they adapt in Central America through migratory processes.

From his birthplace in Soyapango, an overpopulated and very dangerous city, Zavaleta borrows elements from local iconography, urban calligraphy, narratives, clichés, etc. to develop his artistic output. In works like “Alfabetización” (Alphabetization) 2005, he translates and comments on the very simple and clear means of communication used by gang members. “Se Busca” (Wanted) 2007, is a series of street vendor’s portraits. “Soya City” portrays iconography derived from his hometown that subside nomenclature. In “Retrato Hablado” (Spoken Portrait) 2008, he uses the photo album/diary of a Salvadorian ex convict and his journey through several United State’s prisons. He has exhibited these works at Costa Rica’s Contemporary Art & Design Museum (MADC), at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach California (MOLAA), and at the Museum of Art in El Salvador (MARTE) amongst others. He’s been awarded First Place at the Young Art Prize of 2005 and 2008 at the Spanish cultural Center and an honorary mention at the 5th Central American Biennial.