Leonardo Hidalgo
Neo-pop Art

Ecuadorian by birth, Hidalgo, has made the United States his home since 1990 and embraces, breathes and lives painting as a career ever since. Leonardo Hidalgo is one of the busiest Miami based leading contemporary neo-pop artists whose work has attracted international acclaim and is collected worldwide. Amazingly, he doesn’t limit his mediums and is widely recognized for his eye popping vibrant colors, rock star glitz and glamour timeless executions. He melds photography, computer graphics, pastels, paint and fabric to create his wide variety of individual art pieces.

Hidalgo lived in Arizona, where he went to ASU Tempe, and then later studied at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. Since then he has traveled around Europe, Japan and South America where he further cultivated his art skills. He began painting at a very young age after his grandmother taught him the technical aspects of drawing and painting. But throughout his life, his source of inspiration has always been his mother..