In order to create my work I use images taken form fashion magazines, Internet or photographs of people I know, when the images correspond to that of the characters I want to create. I am interested in creating this paintings using the above mentioned with element from comics, videogames, cartoons or any other playful and/ or humoristic popular figures that circulate the internet and that already have a perso al identity and their own baggage within the pop culture. I wish for it to result in some sort of chimera. I try to create hybrid characters in which that border disappears, that border that already exists diffused between what is real and imaginary, between the real and the recreated. Paradigms.

The youthful spirit plays an important role in my work, because I consider the “eternal youngster” to be one of the biggest fallacies, but also as one of the biggest longings of our society.

I think that due to the introspective character of mi pictorial processes, each piece can be considered as a symbolic self-portrait and also as a compendium on behalf of the visual languages of our time.