Pia Bracco

Pia Bracco was born in San Nicolas de los Arroyos , Buenos Aires , Argentina on September 4, 1990. Received at the Institute of Visual Communication from the city of Rosario , obtaining the title of graphic designer and illustrator . Took courses and photography workshops in San Nicolas, Rosario, Mar del Plata and the United States. From an early age showed an unusual curiosity for his age, in all matters related to nature . Plants and flowers were a mystery I was trying to understand.

Controlled germination of a seed and embodied what he saw on paper , this being almost a scribble. She loved animals and studying their habits, details and colors to draw what she saw. Her first was a little picture framed bird. Drawing, painting and photography were her favorite activities without hesitation to finish high school which would be her way forward , art and photography. Today through them could show detail that ordinary people go unnoticed. The insertion and movement of the feathers of a bird, the expression of the eyes , the colors , the grandeur of small detail, the characteristics of her works, in total consistency with the philosophy expressed in the motto ” less is more”