Ronnie Olabarrieta


Olabarrieta starts with a blank canvas onto which he paints broad brushstrokes,

these in turn, inspire his next move and brain to travel as well as fuel his

imagination. In these strokes and the subsequent ones that develop, he sees

stories, forms, volumes and experiences that life has given him. Upon first

examination, the viewer is attracted to the vibrant colors and energetic

movement but upon reflection, the more emotional story line emerges and the

subtlety is exposed.

Once immersed in the work, the viewer is prompted to

personalize his experience and to add his own storyline.

His latest works are a playful story of his inner expressions. From childhood he

was fascinated by the juxtapositions of form and motion. His first art teacher

was the Spanish master painter, Carlos Marichal. He subsequently studied

architecture at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA.

He is fascinated by the texture of art in technique, thought and execution. He

involves his spirituality into the physical act of painting. His positive outlook on

life emerges from the fluidity of his medium. The non-expectation yields

discoveries of both the self and the subject matter at hand.