Russell Sharon

Russell Sharon.

Was born on a farm in Minnesota. He studied in Mexico City, Boston Mass. and in New York.

His first one solo exhibit was in New York in 1984. He has exhibited his work throughout  the

United States and South America.

He spends his time between his studio at Art Center South Florida in Miami and at his farm in Minnesota.

Russell Sharon “My paintings are abstractions of landscape.

This exhibition is composed of work inspired either by wetlands or the horizon line in this paintings

I have reduced the landscapes into its simplistic forms, using a single line to suggest the horizon or

a variety of shapes and colors to indicate reflections in a movement of water.

Texture, color, balance, harmony and beauty are important elements of my work. I build the paintings

up with layers of complementary colors and spontaneous, graceful shapes.

I paint because it is my passion. It gives me joy and a deep sense of connection to life”.