Cristina Escobar & Nahila Campos


Blending nature is an obvious choice. Here’s one way to do it: She exists in her geometric and organic shapes, in her colorful angles and her ethereal translucence.

Observe her until you can see confluence and fall in love with a world of vibrant colors, a world that, in its square shape, turns our heads until it makes us forget the circular space contained in GEA, our mother earth.


 My work represents a personal journey through life, a soothing mountain landscape, a colorful street market, the sound of the ocean far away. Whenever I stop to admire the little details in nature or in everyday life situations, I battle with myself about how to portray my feelings: To focus on the energy of colors or the serenity with which I perceive most scenes around me?

By reflecting on my roots, which can be found in Ecuador, and the culture, feelings, flavors and emotions I´ve experienced throughout my life, I´m sharing part of my soul. I approach my paintings with a very personal visual language, always trying to bring my own narrative into the work: my own personal life story.


 At the beginning of life, man comes out of his small maternal box, entering into another, larger, free box called world.

Through my work, I try to reflect a world that is not round, nor easy and does not turn in a gentle way. It isn’t continuous as how God originally intended it to be either. Through development, man has created a decadent habitat of progress, and if equilibrium and peace is not achieved within ourselves, the original concept of liberty will be ruined, creating a square world, limited to existing within confined spaces.

My work also reflects the interaction between the internal and external worlds, and of how this environment created by their own impulses alters and molds their behavior and living existence on our planet.

We break from our individual box – our inner world – to a grand box outside of our comfort zone that changes our own and personal “scenarios,” “cities,”  “worlds,” and “galaxies,” which are…imaginary.