Leonardo Hidalgo

Pink Snail” Art Finds a New Home in Biscayne Art House, with Leonardo Hidalgo exhibit.
The Pink Snail and Hidalgo’s artwork was available for public viewing from December 19th through mid January 2012, during regular business hours.

Biscayne Art House, side for supporting the Pink Snail Project, hosted a Pop Art Gala on December 19th, to honor the works of internationally acclaimed, contemporary artist Leonardo Hidalgo.
The giant, 8 -foot Pink Snail, made of recyclable plastic, is on display courtesy of the world-renowned Galleria Ca d’Oro.
During this event, Hidalgo showcased his new, limited edition collection of portraits of famous faces (i.e. Sophia Loren, Al Pacino) while paying homage to the cities that have inspired his artistic creativity.
This public art display is a BIscayne Art House way of showing its continued commitment to corporate social responsibility while displaying its passion for contemporary art.