Paul Amundarain

The private show “Dreams of Modernity” displays a series of work that show formal richness and technical diversity, establishing it as an unprecedented, innovative exhibition. AmundaraĆ­n reflects on the loss of utopia, a main feature that characterizes our globalized contemporary society. This series of mixed media paintings reach a level of abstractionism that enhances each material in itself, resulting in a unique aesthetic effect.
A fundamental aspect to Amundarain’s set of work is the modern technological processes, which he uses in order to achieve the specific visual conclusions that define and characterize his artwork.
Conceptually, Amundarain’s artwork goes beyond that which is concrete and specific. In this way, the artist carefully observes particular social and cultural phenomena, as in the case of analyzing the circumstances of his own cultural background, but the ultimate result generated by his work is that of universality: a post-modern society that refuses to believe in a collective dream and that highlights individualism.