Toral & Choez

Choez: “My work starts from the immediate context around me, and in recent years has come from autobiographical situations, but especially in a constant search for new mechanisms of production, where I start to experiment with the material and form, and precisely this search has led me to look my own production, from another perspective, away from certain traditions that become immediate solutions in my process, and approaching new formal solutions in order to generate other dialogues in my work.”


Toral: During his fourteen year career, Guayaquil has been the object of study of the plastic work of ”Guayaquileño” Juan Pablo Toral, 34. And for the last year and a half he began to shape his latest project that involves visualizing the city once again. The mural “Shipyards Tarazana” says Toral, is the beginning of a series of murals that will be located in dierent parts of the city with the goal of developing the local historical memory. ”It was appropriate to build in the area of the Builder’s work, because the name of this citadel should be at the same place where they were located four centuries Shipyard and Tarazanas ago,” says the artist, who majored in plastic art at the Universidad Espiritu Santo (UEES) and studied three years at the Instituto Artes Visuales (ITAE).